March 11, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Republican Freeholder Candidates, Dawn Fantasia and Josh Hertzberg commended the District 24 Legislators for taking action in the wake of the horrific school shooting that took the lives of 17 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.   

Senator Oroho, Assemblyman Space and Assemblyman Wirths announced on Friday that they have instructed the Office of Legislative Services in Trenton to draft legislation requiring the use of bullet-proof security doors and other measures to make classrooms safe to protect the students and teachers who learn and work there.  The two candidates issued the following statements:

Dawn Fantasia, current Council President in Franklin, said:  "Multi-faceted safety and security protocol and procedures must also be supported by facilities that are structurally reinforced.  This is an often-overlooked component yet is paramount to keeping students and staff members safe in a crisis situation. As both an educator and a parent, I am glad to see this point brought to the table for not only discussion but also action by our legislators in district 24 ". 

Josh Hertzberg, the Mayor of Sparta, noted: “In lieu of having a trained officer on premise to address any possible threats, I believe taking measures to buy faculty and students time for trained officers to arrive is the next best thing.  I think the concept put forth by Senator Oroho, Assemblymen Space, and Assemblymen Wirths takes into consideration both safety and security, as well as the budgetary constraints that some districts may face. I applaud our Sussex County leadership for their thoughtful lawmaking, especially as it pertains to our most valuable resource, our children.” 

The two Republicans said that if elected to the Freeholder board, they would bring greater cooperation and communication between the county, our schools and law enforcement organizations.  For more information, visit their campaign website at

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